How often should my grass be cut?

It varies with weather conditions but usually every 5-7 days in the spring, cut back to every 2 weeks in the hot summer.

I put fertilizer down once and didn't see any results. Why is that?

Many people think they should see instant results, but on the contrary you must keep applying it every 2 months to get the results expected.

Should our gutters just be cleaned in the fall?

No they should be cleaned after the spring pollen is finished and again in the fall after the leaves have fallen.

The deer seem to eat everything I plant. Are there flower that have a better chance at surviving?

In certain areas the deer eat everything, but yes there are some perennials that they don't like, such as catmint and coreopsis.

After my landscape is installed how long do I have to water my new plants?

You should water them twice a day for 2 weeks in the morning and the evening. This also applies for new lawns